Weekend Wanderlust #9: Behind South Africa’s Glitzy Door

South Africa, and Cape Town in particular, has been on my travel wish list for a very long time. I’d love to watch the sun sink into the sea from Table Mountain, marvel at the wildlife, see where the Indian Ocean meets the Atlantic….to taste the wine. Of course. Let’s not forget the wine!

My aunt also happens to volunteer at a township school. She helps children learn to read – children who live in tin shacks and barely have enough food, and yet, as she puts it, are “the keenest students I’ve ever had the privilege of teaching”. She’s often said that if I ever make it to Cape Town, I should make time to go to school with her for a couple of days as an extra volunteer. I don’t know whether, in reality, the school would allow it, but it’s something that I’d love to do. Townships are a sad, harsh reality for many people in South Africa.  If I visit their country, the least I can do is to make the effort to see how they really live.

Imizamo Yehutu Township, Cape Town, by Bertrand Duperrin on Flickr

Imizamo Yehutu Township, Cape Town, by Bertrand Duperrin on Flickr

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  1. We did volunteer work at schools in Tanzania and it was such a rewarding experience. Even in South Africa, when we visited townships met the locals, they were all so friendly, despite not having a lot to their name. I would definitely take your aunt up on this – it sounds like an unforgettable trip!

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